All About Choosing that Perfect Domain Name for Your Site

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Choosing the right domain name for your website is the catalyst for success in the digital world. A wrong domain name can hamper your website’s, and your brand’s reputation, and changing domain name later hurts website traffic and affects sales. However, is picking the right domain name really that important? To have a quality website for your business, you need to choose Right Digital Marketing Agency India, and people will anyways visit, irrespective of the domain name, right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, and here’s why:

  1. It’s the first impression you give visitors about your brand, and your URL is the first thing they see. A catchy domain name can register in visitors’ minds, and make a positive and lasting impression
  2. It significantly affects SEO, and the right keywords in the domain name can boost SEO ranking
  3. It defines your brand, and it’s a powerful branding tool that can influence brand recognition

The above points are only a few among several reasons that stress why having the perfect domain name is so important.

If you’re thinking what makes a good domain name, understand that your website needs something memorable, brandable, valuable, and yet easy for people to remember and pronounce. Stay away from using too long or overly specific names, and consider the following points to give your website the recognition it deserves:

Opt for .com extensions

While domain extensions like .org, .net, and others are becoming popular, its advisable to stick to .com extension. It’s by far the most established and credible one among all domain name extensions. These domain names are ever-memorable, and those who don’t have much idea or aren’t tech-savvy, will type .com automatically.

Moreover, if you have some other lesser known extension and someone types .com, they’ll end up with an error page or go to some other website.

Use keywords strategically

Keywords play a crucial role throughout your website, and using the keywords in your domain name is exceptionally important. Here is an example: Digital Marketing Agency India is our target keyword for domain. It helps the search engines understand what your website is all about. Finding a creative domain name with relevant keywords is quite a task, but can be acquired with research and a thoughtful approach.

Keywords in your domain name and quality content gives a good user experience, and your website has greater chance of ranking high on Google. Use Google Keyword Planner or other popular keyword planners to combine relevant keywords with other words to get the perfect domain name for your website.

Keep it short

It’s crucial to keep your domain name short and not go overboard with keywords and increase the domain name length. A short and memorable domain name registers in the mind of users and is very popular among the masses. A short domain name also helps avoid typo errors and people remember them easily.

It should be easy to pronounce and spell

Keep a check on this point while choosing a domain name, and avoid making it complex. It doesn’t matter how cool it sounds. Domain names that are difficult to pronounce or spell are almost always forgotten, and you have to spell them every time to others. After a point, it becomes cumbersome to keep repeating your domain name and its spelling. Instead, an easy-to-pronounce and spell domain name will make your website popular in a short time.

Avoid using hyphens

Hyphens in domain names can look creative, but users can often forget it and type a domain name that lands them on some other website. It should be told verbally, and is not so effective to register in users’ minds. Not just hyphens, avoid using anything that isn’t a letter, including numbers. These things can make is very easy for people to forget them and mistype. Hyphens can also be a sign of spam domains that can harm your brand’s credibility.

Pick a flexible domain name

While its always advisable to choose a domain name specific to your industry, going overboard with it can affect your long-term plans. For instance, if you’re a florist and you choose as your domain, you’re limiting yourself when you want to start blogging about other flowers. Moving to a completely new domain is a frustrating and cumbersome process. It also affects your search engine rankings. Hence, keeping your domain name flexible from the start works in your favor.

Choose meaningful domain names

Just because a domain name with a specific keyword sounds cool doesn’t mean it’s great for your business. People tend to remember domain names that convey meaning, and not those that are stylish. For instance, the website is a catchy and meaningful domain name since it tells you it’s a search engine news site.

Choose multiple domains

Protect and build your brand by purchasing different domain extensions, including commonly misspelled versions to redirect users to your website. This prevents competitors from buying other versions, and redirects users to your website even if they mistype the domain name. It’s a great tactic to use for digital marketing agency india and platforms too. Even if your business doesn’t use a specific social media platform, its advisable to buy one. Who knows, you may start using it in future.

The Conclusion
A lot of thought goes into picking the perfect domain name for your website. It’s the first crucial step you take while making efforts to establish your online presence. Invest quality time and effort in picking a domain name that works for your brand in the long run. Use the points mentioned in this article, and keep tabs on any other information available on domain names before you purchase one and register with a web hosting provider. Contact us today and we can assist you with this process.

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