Project details

  • 30th November 2021
  • Shivani Rani
  • Amazon PPC

Amazon Paid Ad Campaign:

Working for Amazon was a new perspective in digital marketing concepts. It helped uncover advanced methodologies required for business expansion.

Amazon SEO
Amazon Display Ads
Amazon Search Ads
Amazon PPC Ads

The requirement:

The client was looking to launch a paid marketing campaign by analyzing their current marketing trends with an aim to boost overall performance.

Our concept:

We studied their ongoing marketing campaign and decided to perform a keyword research to launch a dynamic marketing campaign for the brand.

The solution:

We took full responsibility for a project named X-Mode Energy shots and analyzed their marketing trends to devise new methodologies in developing marketing campaigns. Performing the latest keyword research, we successfully launched a paid marketing campaign, and it took us almost a day to perform the entire process, including strategy formulation.
The PPC ad campaign costed $US 2164.09 where it costed $UD 200 per day. There were times we used the entire budget on a daily basis, and fluctuations in demand for the product also counted. ROAS of 4.87 was achieved with Average Cost of Ad Spend (ACOS) being 20.55%.

The effective marketing strategies enabled me to achieve the target within a month of promotion. By spending 2.164.09 we got sales of $US 10,531.99, and this was the highest for the client. We’re continuing to work on this project, and there are more ads coming up in the future while we ensure the sales graph keeps climbing.

Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.

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