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  • Mon Panier
  • 24th August 2021
  • Vivek Kumar
  • SEO, Social Media

Client’s Goals For the Project:

My client wanted me to analyze, develop and implement different marketing strategies for their E-commerce store. The following are the client’s requirements:
SEO - They wanted us to generate sales while improving the conversion rate for their website through implementing different SEO techniques.
SMM - By using different approaches to engage and attract target audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram
Target Audience- French People residing in the UK. (B2B,B2C)
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Our contribution towards the project:

We have gone through the website and found that there are many SEO issues on the website. Our team has fixed more than 765+ website page content, implemented SEO-optimized Meta tags, titles & descriptions to make the website SEO friendly. Through SEO optimization, our experts have helped the client to get all the pages crawled by Google.
This process helps us to develop a marketing plan to achieve the ultimate goal. The following were some of the initial steps taken by our team to reach the Client’s Goal.

Social Media Management (SMM):

As the client instructed, we further started working on every social media platform to establish and build the Client’s Brand Awareness locally. We have opted for Paid and ORGANIC social media marketing to promote the brand’s value on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
We have also prepared a Social Media Content Calendar to manage and deliver our service just in time. While keeping in mind the necessary concerns of our clients for their content including theme and styles.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

After the initial discussion with our client, our team came up with an effective yet efficient SEO strategy. Enabling to increase the site’s traffic while attracting the targeted audiences and enhancing the brand awareness digitally. Ranking their targeted keywords from ” Not found” to the First page of Google and other search engines.
By continuous implementation of our strategies, we’ve noticed drastic changes in the website’s traffic. Previously the traffic on the website was somewhere 10-12 users per week. After implementing digital marketing strategies the ORGANIC traffic/users on the website have improved and it is now approx 1000 per week.
We’re now started work on the sales part for the website since last 1 month and found that the sales numbers are also growing at a good pace.


From the past 3 months, our team has cohesively worked on the client’s website and has been able to successfully rank around 15-16 keywords on the first page of Google. We were able to rank them by following the latest Google algorithm guidelines. While keeping in mind that Google doesn’t affiliate any Google Penalty on the Client’s website.
From the below-mentioned stats, many keywords including “Pom’Potes Organic gourds”, “Small Ship Whole tuna in olive oil”, “Duc de Pressac Block of duck foie gras” and “Henaff – Pork pâté with Guérande salt” are not only on the first page of Google but have Ranked #1 on Google.

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