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Project details

  • Happiness Excelsior
  • 7th June 2022
  • Sonali Gupta
  • Google Ads, Website Development

Client’s Goals for the Project:

The US-based health and wellness brand targets audience across the entire country focusing on enhancing the overall health of everyone. A call with the client gave us clarity on their requirements, and these are the ones:

Develop the website on Shopify
Promote affiliate products
Develop Ad campaigns
Enhance the website for SEO
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Our contribution towards the project:

Once the client outreached us to develop their website, we brainstormed about the myriad aspects to consider. We had a call and got a clear understanding of their requirements, and also got the resolution to put things in place. Our initial task was to create a cohesive platform to get things going. The following were the aspects we first worked on:

  • Logo designing & website creation
  • Optimizing the website for SERPs & enhance overall performance
  • Build a Shopify platform
  • Setup a Google Ads account, manage & optimize it

The entire work so far took us 3 weeks to complete, and we invested in a week to complete website optimization. This was followed by implementing the following tasks:

Created & ran Google Ad Campaigns like:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Shopping ads

All the Ad campaigns worked optimally, and the 2-month project was extended to 6 months since the favorable results peaked rapidly. The Ads we created performed exceptionally well, and had only 20% ACOS (Average Cost on Ad Spent) while the client gained 5% ROAS (return on ad spent).

Website Development:

We assisted in transforming the brand into a visual narrative using the most up-to-date eCommerce tools and user interface. By optimizing the website for SERPs, we transformed it into a powerful platform for audience engagement and a high-performing marketing tool.

Google Ads:

Since it’s a Shopify website, we considered the marketing and selling requirements to develop Campaign that resonate with the brand and attract quality traffic. Each Ad was written with strong keywords following an extensive research, and in-depth analysis of competitors to develop a unique persona for the brand.


Prior to working on niche research and analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis, we worked on whole website analysis for SEO. By keeping track of the website’s traffic and current keyword ranking statistics, we were able to monitor the present Scenario.

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